Pacman Extension

Pacman Extension for Firefox 1.1.1

Play Pacman in Firefox


  • Opens instantly in Firefox
  • 4 levels to choose from


  • Not a very accurate reproduction of the original
  • Most levels are too slow

Not bad

Ever been surfing in Firefox and fancied a spontaneous quick game of Pacman?

If so, Pacman Extension brings the classic game instantly to Firefox. It should be highlighted from the start that Pacman Extension isn't the most faithful version of Pacman ever recreated but it does have a basic arcade charm of its own.

Once installed, you can play Pacman extension instantly via the Tools menu in Firefox. The game open in its own window and gives you a choice of 4 levels - Slow, Normal, Fast and Insane. I found that Insane was actually the only level that operated at a decent speed however - the others were simply far too slow.

The sound effects are pretty authentic but the poor choice of colors (Pacman is white, the ghosts are purple and the entire course is in green) make it rather ugly to stare at for long. Why the couldn't have used the game's original, yellow, black and white scheme I'm not sure.

Pacman Extension isn't the most realistic Pacman clone you'll ever find but it does end up being as addictive as the original. However, those who prefer something more colorful and realistic should try Pac the Man.

Pacman Extension


Pacman Extension for Firefox 1.1.1

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